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Mentorship will provide opportunities to address basic needs or develop economic self-sufficiency for women, girls, and gender-diverse individuals.

Strengthen and provide health and safety programs for women, girls, and gender-diverse individuals.

Promote the education of women, girls, and gender-diverse individuals.

Invest in systems that can sustain change by enforcing and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Young Woman



In central Alberta, ACCoCA will focus on black women and girls' mentorship, leadership, education, employment, health care, safety, soft skill and complex skill training.

Our project will identify black women’s and girls’ needs, including education challenges, economic security concerns, health and mental health issues, domestic violence issues, lack of resilience, self-awareness, and low self-confidence through workshops.

We will offer women and girls 90 days of soft skill workshops to enhance their overall performance by increasing their confidence, resilience, and self-esteem in pursuing their goals.

We will also assist women and girls in connecting with healthcare providers by advocating for equal treatment, overcoming language barrier issues, and interpreting critical health information and ways to ask for the correct health information.

Furthermore, we will empower and guide women and girls by supporting their employment training.

In addition to that, ACCoCA will provide programs for women and girls by matching them with inspiring and fantastic role models.





ACCoCA's purpose is to implement a 90 days mentorship program which will connect and match mentees with their mentors based on their interests, lifestyle choices, health awareness, economic security,  domestic violence awareness, and educational pursuits.

Our mentors will be recruited from Universities, Colleges, public sectors, non-profit organizations, services clubs, and other groups like the older adult population; we will request criminal checks and references for the mentors to participate in the program.

ACCoCA will recruit women and girls through social media, our website, posters, and newspapers, advertising on the radio, and connecting with other organizations to refer us to reliable mentors who will participate in the program.

We will do referrals for women and girls to do workshops that will help them learn complex skills, such as resume writing, job searching, interview preparation, job shadowing, time management, conflict resolution, networking, and other transferrable work skills that will facilitate employability.

Our agency will provide women and girls with ways to overcome domestic violence and boost their self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-awareness, socialization skills, and confidence to attain their goals.

Reconnected Seniors & Youth Project

      The executive director  Zainab and board members of ACCoCA organized a samosa program for adolescents, children, seniors, and parents; 41 adolescents, 16 children, 43 seniors, and 17 parents participated in the program—the program aimed to eradicate loneliness and isolation and to integrate seniors and adolescents into the community. Due to the high demand for the program, young families with children and seniors with grandchildren were also allowed to participate. We also involved Red Deer leaders like Mayor Ken Johnson and Red Deer South M.L.A Jason Stephen and his wife in the project. In other words, the samosa program helped to integrate the two most isolated and lonely groups of the population ( older adults and adolescents). It also achieved the plan of people the community together through sharing food, entertainment, meaningful connections and conversation. People from different religions, races, genders, and sexual orientations participated in the project. People who participated developed meaningful relationships and forever connections. Zainab is very devoted to helping her community by going above and beyond by volunteering her precious time to make a difference in the lives of seniors and adolescents in Red Deer.  In conclusion, we only had three staff members who participated in the project, and in our next grant application, we will ensure adequate funding to pay for staff who will successfully run the program.

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Address: 5913 50 Ave Red Deer, AB, T4N-4C4


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